I2CELL seminar

The Fourmentin-Guilbert Scientific Foundation invited international scholars from the life sciences, computer sciences and physical sciences to the I2CELL (from Information to Cells) seminar in February 2018 to discuss the “cell as computer” metaphor. An article entitled “Will biologists become computer scientists?” resumes the event. A selection of videos can be found here.

The I2CELL seminar, chaired by Hélène Kirchner (Inria) and Vincent Noireaux (U. Minnesota), was organised into 5 sessions, each of which was a talk by a biologist and a computer scientist followed by debate:

Session1: Cells as Turing Machines?

Session 2: Algorithm driven-cellular processes

Session 3: Where Operating System-like functions could be found?

Session 4: How far are we from making a self-replicating and self-reproducing machine?

Session 5: How to contain virus?